How to know if the product will sell?

If you have an online store and looking to launch new products, but you’re not sure if they will sell or not, here are some tips:

1. Look at your analytics to see what products are selling the most. If you’re launching a new product, make sure it’s in the same category as your best-selling products.

2. Check out your competition. See what products they’re selling and at what price points.

3. Use social media to gauge interest. Post about your new product on social media and see how many people like, share, or comment on it.

4. Ask your customers. Send out a survey to your customers and ask them if they would be interested in the new product.

5. Use Traxoft to create an image voting campaign and get people’s opinions about potential products. Moreover, you can generate more interest to your potential product launch and get first pre-orders.

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